Posted by: Christine | January 2, 2012

Why write a Blog?

To which the answer is … Why not? Everyone else is writing one!

 Another answer – I don’t know if it is just me, but I when look back over the last year I find it difficult to remember most of what I did. By this time next year I hope I can refer back to this blog and find out. Of course, I’ve never managed to keep a diary going until the end of January, so this might be my one and only post!

 This is also a way to practice writing. I hope to write a book about my research into Captain John Madder of the Worcester, but when faced with a blank page, my mind goes equally blank. Perhaps writing here will help me conquer my fear.

 This will also be a place to record any information that doesn’t fit on my madder-roots website; news of what I have been researching, or places I have visited; interesting photographs I have taken or anything I want to share with the world.

 To mark the start of a new year, here are two photos I took in my garden on 31st December:

A rose from last summer, still flowering

and a primrose, a sign of the coming spring.



  1. Hello Christine,

    Re the naughty Knights … it’s possible that he died just before the Census was taken. There’s a death recorded in the E. & W. Flegg District in the June Quarter of 1841; Vol. 13 page 84.

    Best regards ……….. Bill

    • Think that’s the wrong registration district – there are other Knights families there, but I will check it out.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

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