Posted by: Christine | March 28, 2012

A Walk in the Country

Today we decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and go out for the day. I swept to one side all the registers that need transcribing, websites that need updating etc and we drove to a village called Easenhall, not far away, between Rugby and Coventry. We had found a short ( 3½ miles) circular walk that started at the Golden Lion.

Map of Walk.
From WCC leaflet: Walks in your Local Countryside – Coventry and Rugby (2004)

This was not spectacular countryside, mostly flattish farm land and we passed through two farm-yards, over the West Coast main railway line and the Oxford Canal. We could hear the M6 Motorway in the distance.

But we could also hear the birds singing and see the trees and hedges breaking into leaf. And of course the sun was shining, with not a cloud in the sky. We hardly saw another person the whole way.

A train passing under the Railway Footbridge

We returned to the Pub for lunch, a pint of beer and a sausage and fried onion sandwich. On the way home we stopped in Harborough Magna and had a look around the church and walked round the village. RugbyFHG is transcribing the Parish Registers from here and I recognised several names on the gravestones.

Not a particularly exciting day but a pleasant change from sitting in front of a computer, and a reminder to take a break now and then. I might spend a lot of time in the past, but there is a present out there to enjoy.

Signs of Spring!

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  1. do you know mileage between Easenhall and Harbro Magna please

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