Posted by: Christine | June 4, 2012

The Royal Family and Me

This weekend has all been about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 

On Saturday we went into Rugby town centre for the unveiling of a new plaque, commemorating the Jubilee, on the clock tower. This was originally built for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. There was a parade by local groups, and streamers and confetti after the unveiling by the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire in the presence of the Mayor of Rugby and other dignitaries. We went round several shops beforehand and everywhere had sold out of Union Flags, so there was a plenty of flag waving. Everyone followed the procession to Caldecott Park, where there was food and entertainment. It was dull and cold but it didn’t rain.

New plaque on Rugby’s clock tower (more pictues here)

It started raining that night and carried on all the next day. We drew the curtains and watched the River Pageant on Television – the best place to be. What an amazing spectacle! Pity about the BBC commentary.

To cash in (sorry, join the celebrations) findmypast released a database of Royal Household Staff Lists from 1526 – 1924. I didn’t think any of my family worked for the Royal Household, but did a search just in case. I was right – nothing there. And I am definitely not related to royalty! I have only seen members of the royal family a couple of times, from a distance. The Queen herself visited my home town of Chelmsford to distribute Maundy Money in 1963 and Princess Diana came to Rugby to visit the Marriage Guidance Council (now Relate) College.

Not much of a connection, but then I started thinking.

I was born in 1952, the year the Queen came to the throne.
My parents were both born in 1926, the same as the Queen.
I married in 1977 (silver jubilee).
My husband was born in 1948, as was The Prince of Wales.
Our eldest son was born in 1982, the same year as Prince William.
(Didn’t quite manage it with number two and Prince Harry 1985/1985, but the pregnancies overlapped!)
I don’t remember much about the Golden Jubilee in 2002, but I was celebrating a silver wedding and 50th birthday!

And that’s as far as it goes – so far!  

Not much of a link I know and I don’t think the Queen will be wishing me a Happy 60th Birthday.

But may I, along with many others, offer her my congratulations on her Diamond Jubilee.

Me (babe in arms) at a Coronation street party. 1953

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