Posted by: Christine | January 1, 2013

The Trifle has arrived

I am sure everyone is desperate to know whether I made a trifle after all. So to put you out of your misery, the answer is yes.

Once my husband realised he hadn’t had his trifle, I had to make one for New Year. The only difference to the usual Christmas trifle is that instead of the usual hundreds and thousands sprinkled over the top I used sugar stars. (There are lots of lovely toppings in the shops since making cup-cakes became popular)

The Trifle in the Hancock bowl

The Trifle in the Hancock bowl

The trifle is made, of course, in  the hereditary trifle bowl. This is not my family trifle bowl – that is still in my mother’s possession. I wonder if I’ll have to fight my sister for it, when the time comes? This one is from the Hancock side of the family.

We don’t have much in the way of traditions for New Year. It is usually just the two of us, so we have a nice late dinner, usually involving game. This year it was guinea fowl. I had found a nice recipe for it, roasted, with sautéed duck livers, apples and Marsala juices but couldn’t find any duck livers, so ended up with a Delia Smith recipe for Guinea Fowl au Vin. It was very good with mash.

It was followed by the trifle and then cheese – the stilton is still going strong – very strong! After some coffee we then had to do all the washing up before midnight. We watched the countdown on television and opened the bottle of Champagne (OK – sparkling wine!). A toast to the new year and then outside to listen to all the fireworks in the area.

So that’s it for 2012. A Happy New Year to everyone.

I’ll be reporting shortly on my year as a blogger.

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