Posted by: Christine | January 2, 2013

Annual Report

Today is my Blogoversary. It is a year since I wrote the first post on this blog.

I few days ago WordPress sent me my Annual Report, so I have been looking back at what I have been doing.
First, some of the statistics:
I had written 42 posts which included 190 pictures (Two more posts since then).
I have had 2,700 views.
The busiest day of the year was November 25th with 130 views. The most popular post that day was Voyage to Greenwich Part 1.
Visitors came from 46 countries in all. Most from the United Kingdom. The United States & Australia were not far behind.

Looking back at when I posted was interesting. By the end of June I had written 29 posts – an average of more than one a week. I then slowed down – in July, August and September there were only two posts a month and in October none at all! Why? Well, I suppose all that sport didn’t help: Wimbledon, Olympics & Paralympics. In August/September there were a couple of Family History Fairs to attend and then I took over the leadership of the Rugby Local History Research Group and organised a display for the Heritage weekend. Oh, and I also went on holiday to Devon for a week, which I meant to write about, but didn’t find the time.

How about what I’ve posted? Information about the garden suffered a bit of a drought and then got flooded out by the deluge of seminar reports and the latest Madder research. I will try to blog more regularly on that – perhaps on a separate page. The seminar reports are popular, but hard work – I have to write notes instead of sitting back and listening, but probably learn more that way!

The most valuable posts for me are the ones describing my research. There’s nothing like writing something down for an audience to make you realise what you actually have. I have made discoveries that I wouldn’t have made without doing it. I also realised their use when I was preparing for a trip to the TNA. What records had I already looked at? Oh – I wrote about that on the blog. I looked back and found exactly where I had got to. 

The Blog also came in useful when my husband realised he hadn’t labelled the photographs he took on our holiday to Greece. He started asking for names of places we visited – I just told him it was all on the Blog. That has probably upped the hits on that post in the last few days!

Has all this improved my writing? I don’t know, but I certainly find it easier to do it.

And finally, you, the reader(s). I hope you have found it all interesting, educational, amusing? Not many people make comments, so I can’t really tell. Why not let me know? Otherwise I’ll just plough on doing the same sort of thing for the next year.

Thank you for reading maddergenealogist.


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Your Annual Report was great! I probably should write something like that for my First Anniversary next September. The first of the year is such an appropriate time to do it. I totally agree that you make discoveries when you write something down for an audience. I love blogging because it makes me stop researching and motivates me to write. I received “An Early Christmas Gift” this year and it was great to write about it to this community of bloggers. Happy New Year to you. Will look forward to your new posts.

  2. My blog is: 🙂

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