Posted by: Christine | February 4, 2013

The Garden in January

Not a lot has been happening in the garden this month. The start of January was very mild and I managed to cover the replanted border with mulch. This consisted of our entire collection of shreddings (all woody matter that will go thorough the shredder) some fresh-ish and some half rotted. Not enough to give the required several inches but it made it look tidier.

The replanted border with mulch covering

The replanted border with mulch covering

And if you are wondering what’s under the cage – it is an Iris. I have discovered that the local squirrels love them. It might explain why none of the Irises I plant seem to survive.

Things were starting to move in the garden, snowdrops and other bulbs putting up leaves and the stems on the hellebores producing buds. Then it snowed! I didn’t even go into the garden (or anywhere else) for over a week but eventually the snow went and since then it has been a mixture of rain and wind, with occasional sunny days. By the end of the month plants had got going again.

Snowdrops are starting to flower as are the first of the hellebores, especially a new one I bought last year called Red Lady. There are a few cyclamen (dark pink and white) and the pulmonarias have started. The pale blue scillas I mentioned last year are out and of course the primroses are still going strong.

A White Hellebore. Looks like the slugs have got at the leaves

A White Hellebore. Looks like the slugs have got at the leaves

Hellebore Red Lady

Hellebore Red Lady

I also have a new Harvington Apricot Hellebore. It’s still in its pot but has some buds – it will be interesting to see exactly what colour it turns out to be.

I have just been down to the bottom of the garden and noticed that the rhubarb is starting to push up its pink buds. It’ll soon be crumble time!

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