Posted by: Christine | February 15, 2013


This is my fiftieth post and I  have been trying to think of something special to write about. Well someone, somewhere with a nasty sense of humour has given me something different to write about. Last Friday I walked out of my front door, tripped over nothing and landed full length, half on the lawn and half on the drive. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t move my right arm – I had broken my shoulder!

Luckily, this happening at home, my husband was able to drive me straight to the local casualty department, 10 minutes away (thank goodness we still have one – for now). A short wait and I  was seen by a nurse, another wait and it was a doctors turn and he sent me for an x-ray, then it was back to the doctor. All this time, I was supporting my right arm with my left hand, which was oozing blood from a deep cut on my thumb and several other grazes – I had been holding my car keys in this hand.I had a look at the x-ray on the screen with the doctor (last time I  did anything like this you had to wait for them to be developed!) Technically I think what I have is called a Proximal Humerus Fracture and the x-ray look a bit like a chunk of flint with a flake removed by an expert knapper, and then replaced.

I had my left hand cleaned, stitched and bandaged and my arm put in a sling – can’t plaster a shoulder – and told it would mend itself in 4 to 6 weeks. I  was given an appointment for Monday morning at out patients and sent home. From fall to return was just over two hours.

The weekend was spent in adapting to my new state, such as learning to sleep on my back – not my normal position, and learning to use a computer mouse left-handed and without a thumb. The bandage was removed after 48 hours. The bleeding had stopped but my thumb was (still is) swollen and turning into a brilliant sunset – shades of pink, purple, grey and yellow.

Monday morning, it was back to the hospital. When I saw the doctor, he was shocked at the sling I had been given by casualty – it was supporting my wrist, but not my elbow. All the weight should have been off my shoulder, not on it! (If things go wrong, I can use this blog as evidence). So I am now trussed up with my forearm horizontal, strapped to my chest, elbow supported. I feel like a cross between an old fashioned lunatic asylum inmate and a character in fifty shades of grey! I am released from this every few hours to bend my arm straight a few times, while holding my upper arm still.

So, how has this affected my life? I can use the computer, slowly. I can’t read the newspapers, only the local one which is tabloid sized and that was difficult. Books are also difficult, so that means Bring up the Bodies, is back on the shelf – will I ever manage to read it? It was a birthday present last summer – why didn’t I ask for the Kindle version, because that has been my life saver. I’ve been working through all those 99p Amazon Kindle special offers I’ve accumulated over the last few months.

Disadvantages? I have had to cancel the trip to Who Do You Think You Are Live, next weekend, and will probably miss the coach trip to TNA at the end of the month. I will miss the rest of my art class this term – I wonder if I can paint left-handed? Might be interesting! A deep frustration at not being able to turn over in bed.

Advantages? I am sitting around all day reading. No cooking or cleaning. An excuse not to do anything I don’t want to. I have my husband kneeling at my feet to put on my shoes. All  in all, not a bad life.

It’s back to the hospital on Monday for another x-ray. Lets hope it is starting to heal. I know it’s going to take several weeks, but I could get used to this life! I’ll let you know how I get on.


  1. Sorry to hear that – get well soon!

  2. My goodness! You’ve had quite an unfortunate adventure. I’m sorry you’re missing all those fun activities, but I admire your attitude. Get well soon.

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