Posted by: Christine | February 18, 2013

Armless 2

Just a brief update on my shoulder.

This morning I returned to the hospital, first for another x-ray. That department was very busy – and a game of musical chairs (without music) seemed to be going on. People would arrive, discover there were no free chairs and prop themselves against the wall. If they were elderly, or looked worse off, someone would give up their seat. Gradually names would be called, providing a spare seat for someone. Then more people arrived. Eventually I was seen and performed my contortions for the camera.

Out the door and a brisk walk to out-patients – I was now five minutes late for my appointment. I think, because of this I was called almost immediately. The x-ray looked OK – I would not need an operation – come back in five weeks! I was given new exercises to start in a couple of weeks and that was it.

So, I’m still stuck in the sling but know that healing should now be straight forward. The other good news is  that my left thumb is a lot better, although still a bit swollen – I can now hold a glass and use the shift key on the computer keyboard – what more can anyone want?

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