Posted by: Christine | January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I have just checked, and I have not posted on this Blog since August, Why not?

Excuse 1: Well to start with, WW1 intervened. As I mentioned in that last post I have been organising a project for Rugby Family History Group to research all the men listed on the Rugby Memorial Gates. This is going well and we have remembered  12 men so far on the Blog  RugbyRemembers . Only 400 men and 4 years to go! We decided to start adding reports from the local newspaper to pad out the blog, which led to

Excuse 2: Photographing, transcribing and indexing news of anything connected to the war, from the films of the Rugby Advertiser in Rugby Library. Luckily someone else “volunteered” for the transcribing, but I have been doing most of the indexing. If you have a  new blog, you need

Excuse 3: Publicity. RFHG has attended the West Midlands Family History Fair in Worcester in August. We also set up our stall at local events to commemorate the start of WW1, in Caldecott Park (it rained!)

WW1 display set up in Caldecott Park

WW1 display set up in Caldecott Park

and also in the foyer of Rugby Library for Heritage Open Days in September – I’ll come back to that. Earlier in the year we were approached for help in researching WW1 soldiers by school children, which led to

Excuse 4: Visit to Cawston Grange School, to inspect their projects and show them the medals of Thomas Fletcher. Thomas was my husband’s grandfather, who died early in the war and is listed on the Gates. Which led to

Excuse 5: Rugby Council decided to commemorate the 11 men researched by the school by inviting 11 children (from year 11) to plant 11 trees on 11th November. It was cold and windy, but my husband is pleased that his grandfather has had a tree planted to remember him. (Pity we can’t find a photograph of him.)

Thomas Fletcher's tree with school pupils, British Legion, Mayor and poppies

Thomas Fletcher’s tree with school pupils, British Legion, Mayor and poppies

Excuse 6: Other RFHG work – our usual transcribing of local parish registers (we’re getting a bit behind with the checking – I wonder why?) and monthly computer evenings, now moved from Friday evenings to Mondays, thank goodness – I didn’t like missing my Friday Gin and Tonic.

Excuse 7: Local History. Since I took over the leadership of Rugby Local History Research Group, we have been talking about producing another booklet (eight had been published since 1975). In September I announced it would be published before Christmas (leaving myself a way out by not specifying which Christmas!). We did it, and had the launch at the Percival Guildhouse November Fair on November (of course) 22nd. We printed 100 copies and we have now sold out – reprinting shortly, if anyone is interested.

RLHRG Book Launch - guess which is the new book.

RLHRG Book Launch – guess which is the new book.

Excuse 8: I wrote two articles for the book. One was about the events leading up to the opening of war memorials in Rugby – more searching through the local papers.

Excuse 9: Remember the Heritage Open Days I mentioned earlier? Well the Local History Group also had a stand – right opposite the one for Family History. I spent several days in a schizophrenic daze, dashing from one stall to the other.

Rugby Library Foyer - Local History to the left, Family History to the right (we won't mention Transport History at the end)

Rugby Library Foyer – Local History to the left, Family History to the right (we won’t mention Transport History at the end)

The Local History Group also

Excuse 10: Held a Day School at PGH on the Victorian History of Rugby. Talks on the development of the town and a walk along the High Street (Slide Show and Physical)

Excuse 11: As a break from all the history, I continue to do a bit of painting and one of the paintings I put into the PGH Art Show was used in their 2015 Calendar

PGH Calendar 2015

Excuse 12: We went on holiday to Derbyshire for a few days at the beginning of September, another subject immortalized in paint.

Mam Tor

Mam Tor

Excuse 13: Writing. Not the articles for the Local History book or for the RFHG magazine (Did I mention I won the Harry Batchelor Prize for best article in the magazine in 2013?)

Prize for best article in RFHG Magazine

Prize for best article in RFHG Magazine

Excuse 14: I have continued the Writing Fiction course at PGH and my Anglo-Saxon Historical Novel is coming along (very) slowly. Examples of writing by the group can be found at Tellingtalesonthursdays . Earlier in the year I also did an online writing course at FutureLearn – hard work, but it gave me lots of ideas.

Excuse 15: (This is a good one!) We got a new computer. It was a big jump from Windows XP to 8.1. E-mails were lost and found and scattered to diverse locations (apologies if I haven’t replied to someone.) Programs stopped working or looked different. I think I’ve got the hang of everything now!

So, no more excuses. It is a New Year and my resolution is to post on this Blog more regularly.

… And update my Madder-Roots website, and the RFHG website, and the RLHRG website (better check the book for mistakes before reprinting.). Oh and I’d better set up a post for tomorrow on  RugbyRemembers ….

May I wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful 2015 and hope you achieve everything you set out to do.



  1. Sounds like they are not excuses but some good reasons. You have been very busy and productive. I hope you find a little time for a few postings on your blog this year. I hope you have a very happy new year.

  2. What accomplishments and busy Year! All Good Reasons! Welcome back! Look forward to your websites and blog pieces!

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