Posted by: Christine | January 7, 2015

Fresh Start

After my last post, I realised that I really should make an effort to post more regularly – but how to force myself to do it?

Last year, on Twitter, I kept noticing a hashtag #52ancestors – this was a challenge to genealogists to write about 52 of their ancestors in 52 weeks.
This has now finished, but they are starting again see here.

I will take up this challenge!

I will be blogging on Madders, not all my own, plus some of my other ancestors.
Optional themes are being given for each week’s ancestor – Week One is Fresh Start.

My first Ancestor has to be William Madder. The person who first got me interested in family history, over 40 years ago now.

William Charles Madder was born in Brooke in Norfolk and baptised there on 18th September 1815.
He died in Ipswich on Christmas Eve 1890.

A simple person to research, you might think. Most of his adult life spent in the period of Civil Registration and regular Censuses.

You would be wrong.

He never used the forename Charles, but was known as William, George or Benjamin. Apart from Madder, he also went by the surname Smith.

He had ten children and he moved from place to place, leaving descendants of various names scattered across Eastern England (and Canada).

His life can be tracked by the list of sources I have used to research him:

18.9.1815 Brooke, Norfolk christened William Charles
20.3.1838 Brome, Norfolk married Louisa SPILLING William Madder
27.5.1839 Topcroft Norfolk Son William born (AKA Charles) William Madder
30.5.1840 Thurton, Norfolk Son Benjamin born William Madder
1841 Thurton, Norfolk Tailor, Age 20, Thurton Street, born in Norfolk (census) William Madder
12.6.1842 Brooke, Norfolk Mother died
19.5.1846 Bergh Apton, Norfolk Wife (Louisa) died William Madder
4.3.1851 Norwich, Norfolk Full age, Tailor, married Emily WANN William Madder
1851 Bergh Apton, Norfolk Tailor, Youngs Building, Father living with family, born Norfolk, Brook (census) William Madder
19.3.1853 Heckingham, Norfolk Father dies in workhouse
25.3.1853 Brooke, Norfolk Father buried
22.5.1853 Bedingham, Norfolk Son George William born (AKA William) William Madder
23.11.1854 Brome, Norfolk Son Henry born (AKA Harry Smith) William Madder
1.5.1857 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Son Thomas born   (AKA Thomas Smith) Benjamin Madder
1858 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Beer retailer (directory) Benjamin Madder
1860 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,                                   Out Northgate Twin Daughters Martha & Mary, born & died Benjamin Madder
1861 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Northgate Road, Beer Seller, age 44, born Norfolk, Brooke (census) Benjamin Madder
1864 Edgefield, Norfolk Farmer and Tailor, North St. (directory) George Madder
15.8.1864 Edgefield, Norfolk Daughter Emily born George Madder
1870-1878 Chelmsford, Essex Tailor, Hill Cottages, Springfield     (directories) George Smith
25.6.1870 Chelmsford, Essex Son Arthur Edward (SMITH) born George Smith
1871 Chelmsford, Essex Springfield Hill age 53, Tailor, born Norfolk, Broome (census) George Smith
1.2.1875 Chelmsford, Essex Son Henry married George Madder
8.6.1878 Castleford, Yorkshire Son Thomas married George Smith
29.4.1881 Canada Son George William married
1881 Ipswich, Suffolk, 6 Freehold Terrace age 66, Tailor, born Norfolk, Brooke (census) William Madder
1885 Ipswich, Suffolk, 135 Spring St Tailor (directory) William Madder
1888 Ipswich, Suffolk, 246 Spring St Tailor (directory) William Madder
24.12.1890 Ipswich, Suffolk, 35 Stoke St, Died, aged about 82, Wardrobe Dealer William Madder
27.12.1890 Ipswich, Suffolk Inquest William Madder
31.12.1890 Ipswich, Suffolk Buried, St. Mary, Stoke William Madder
13.4.1891 Ipswich Son George married William Madder
1891 Ipswich, Suffolk, 246 Spring Rd, Wife Emily, age 60, widow, Perchaser Wardrobes
9.7.1894 Ipswich Daughter Emily Isabel married William Madder
1901 Ipswich, Suffolk, Woodbridge Rd, Wife Emily, age 70, widow
15.10.1908 Ipswich, Suffolk, St Johns Rd, Death of wife (Emily) William Madder

You can read about William’s time in the Bury St Edmunds Beer House in my previous post about using on-line newspapers.

Next weeks theme is “King” and the post will be about one of my non-Madder ancestors.

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